September 4, 2010

T.J. Houshmandzadeh

    Today the Seattle Seahawks have released T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Houshmandzadeh only played one year on his 5 year/$40 million deal. He had his least amount of receptions, 79, since 2005.

    A awfull move in my opinion. I am dismayed at Seattle for doing this. Yes his year was not probowl caliber, but he had a worse QB in Matt Hasselbeck then he had in Cincinnati which was Carson Palmer.

    T.J. Houshmandzadeh would have been a safty target for Hasselbeck or Whitehurst. But now that he is gone, all that is left is pre-season wonder Mike Williams, rookie Golden Tate, and the always injured Deon Branch. I expect the passing game to suffer mightily.

    Bottom line, this is one of the worst teams in the NFL with questions at every position, except linebacker, and special teams. An easy schedule will help them overachieve and win more games, but this team is not going back to the Super Bowl any time soon.

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