November 8, 2010

Cowboys Fire Wade Phillips

    The 1-7 Cowboys have fired coach Wade Phillips after an embarrassing loss to Green Bay, and first half of season. Offensive coordinator Jason Garret will take over as the head coach for the remainder of the season.

    "An in-season coaching change is not something I've done before, something I was reluctant to do as recently as last week, but I think what's best for the organization and the fans is a coaching change." Owner Jerry Jones said on Monday.

    Nothing has gone right for Dallas this season. A weak offensive line is mostly to blame, or perhaps a 38 year old quarterback taking the snaps now. But this whole team is a mess and has lost all confidence. This move was expected sooner then later. 

    All in all, I feel the Cowboys season has lost all hopes. Good news is, they can draft the best OL in April. 

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