November 1, 2010

Moss already out of Minnesota

    On the first day of November, Randy Moss has been released from the Minnesota Vikings. A surprise to most people, Moss had been reunited with his first team for just under a month.

    Moss, who came from New England for a third round pick on October 6th, is now on waivers.

    "This decision was made based on what we thought was in the best interests of the Minnesota Vikings, both in the short and long [term]. We wish Randy the best as he moves forward in his career." head coach Brad Childress said.

    Moss had only one catch in his return to New England on Sunday.

    The Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins are supposedly the two teams showing the most interest in the wide receiver.

    A shock to many, including myself, that Moss was waived. I fully expected him to finish out the season with the Vikings. But with this news, a new team is almost certain for Moss before Sunday.

    I think the Seattle Seahawks make a lot of sense. Pete Carrol would keep him under controll, and he would get solid playing time. Matt Hasselbeck would love to throw to him, and i could see Moss having a great end to this year with the 'Hawks.

    Though moving his family completely across the country may not be ideal for Moss and could impact this decision.

    For now though, Moss will be looking for his third team in only eight weeks.

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