September 8, 2011

College Football Week 1 Recap

    College Football is back! I have not been able to make any new posts lately, as I have been busy with vacations and school starting back up. But college football is here again!

    One thing week one in college football is famous for is almost all the games matching up an FCS or very small school to an FBS team. If it were up to me, I would ban all contests between teams from different divisions. I understand the money it gives to the lower teams, and how it can get the FCS school good exposure for recruits (though I'm not sure how loosing 60-3 on ESPN will get u much recruiting help). Teams need to just stay  to playing other FBS schools. I don't want to see Nebraska play someone like Chattanooga, or Arkansas play Missouri State. Though I do love upsets like Sacramento State over Oregon State, or Richmond over Duke. But I think that FBS-FCS competition needs to be taken away.

    There were some big games though that were fun to see. #3 Oregon vs #4 LSU was an exiting game, and if Oregon did not have so many turnovers, it would have been a very different game. But turnover, after turnover, after turnover, mostly on special teams, lost this game for the Ducks. I think they really should also have some talks with their returners on when to call for fair catch. But LSU really had a good win and capitalized off of the turnovers by Oregon.

    The other big game was #5 Boise State playing #19 Georgia, as the Broncos looked to prove once more that they can run with the BCS teams. And they did as they really were just the better team here, and Kellon Moore completed 5 TD passes. Georgia, in their all red uniforms that made them look like Ketchup bottles, just could not get much going and lost 35-19.

    #14 TCU was not able to avoid upset vs Baylor in the shootout after a huge comeback in the 4th, and #16 Notre Dame lost to South Florida after extreme heat, and thunderstorms delayed the game.

Week 2 Top 25:

1. Alabama 1-0
2. Oklahoma 1-0
3. LSU 1-0
4. Boise State 1-0
5. Stanford 1-0
6. Wisconsin 1-0
7. Texas A&M 1-0
8. Florida State 1-0
9. Oregon 0-1
10. Oklahoma State 1-0
11. Nebraska 1-0
12. Ohio State 1-0
13. Arkansas 1-0
14. South Carolina 1-0
15. Virginia Tech 1-0
16. Michigan State 1-0
17. Florida 1-0
18. Mississippi State 1-0
19. Penn State 1-0
20. West Virginia 1-0
21. Baylor 1-0
22. Missouri 1-0
23. Texas 1-0
24. TCU 1-0
25. USC 1-0

Next 5 in: South Florida 1-0, Georgia 0-1, Notre Dame 1-0, Utah 1-0, Houston 1-0

What To Watch Week 2:

Arizona @ #10 Oklahoma State, Thu, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN, Prediction: #10 OSU 44 ARZ 35

#22 Missouri @ Arizona State, Fri, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN, Prediction: #22 MIZZ 30 ASU 28

#18 Mississippi State @ Auburn, Sat, 12:00 PM ET, SEC Network, Prediction: AUB 28 #18 MSU 14

Nevada @ #9 Oregon, Sat, 3:30 PM ET, FX, Prediction: #9 ORE 39 NEV 33

Cincinnati @ Tennessee, Sat, 3:30 PM ET, ESPN2, Prediction: CIN 35 TENN 32

#14 South Carolina @ Georgia, Sat, 4:30 PM ET, ESPN, Prediction: #14 SC 32 UGA 29

Utah @ #25 USC, Sat, 7:30 PM ET, Versus, Prediction: #25 USC 41 Utah 38

Notre Dame @ Michigan, Sat, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN, Prediction: MICH 37 ND 30

Game Of The Week:

#1 Alabama @ #19 Penn State, Sat, 3:30 PM ET, ABC, Prediction: #1 ALA 38 #19 PSU 17

    Alabama goes in uninitiated, and shows why they are one of the best teams in college football and will go undefeated this season by beating up Penn State badly in Happy Valley. I just do not see Penn State putting up a fight.


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