August 27, 2012

Big East Preview

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    The Big East will have some major changes starting next season. Many still question if the conference should be a BCS AQ, and the incoming schools of Boise State, San Diego State, Houston, SMU, UCF, and Memphis next year do not strengthen that argument. The departure of West Virginia, and Pittsburgh and Syracuse in 2013 don't help either. 

    This year, however, the Big East still has Pitt and Syracuse, and does add Temple to the mix. This conference is still the weakest BCS Conference, but a couple of Big East teams should be more competitive with the rest of the country.
Sio Moore, Uconn

    Louisville and South Florida figure to be the favorites this year. Terry Bridgewater at Louisville is a star, and only a sophomore QB. BJ Daniels should take his Bulls deep during his final year.

    Cincinnati could easily creep to the top and grab that BCS bid. They are one of the more underrated teams in the nation. Pittsburgh, Rutgers, and Uconn should be back in bowl games this year too.

     In fact, only two of the eight Big East teams won't be in bowls. Those two are Syracuse, who still has a long way to go before it is a threat. The Orange still can pull an upset or two, but a bowl game is a stretch.

    Temple is no longer playing the weaker MAC teams. They could still get to six wins, but the rest of the conference is just too talented for the Owls.

Projected Standings:

1. Louisville 10-2 (6-1)

2. South Florida 8-4 (5-2)

T3. Cincinnati 8-4 (4-3)

T3. Pittsburgh 7-5 (4-3)

T5. Uconn 7-5 (3-4)

T5. Rutgers 7-5 (3-4)

7. Temple 4-8 (2-5)

8. Syracuse 3-9 (1-6)

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