August 6, 2012

Terrell Owens Signs With Seahawks


 T.O is back in the NFL, this time with the Seattle Seahawks. Terrell Owens signed a one year deal with the Seahawks on Monday after a workout.

    The 38-year old WR is 2nd all time in receiving yards to Jerry Rice, 6th all time in receptions, and also the only player in history to score a touchdown vs all 32 NFL teams. 

    But he did not play last year, after a knee surgery, and has had a long road back along with embarrassment. Owens hosted an open workout earlier this year with an invitation to all teams. Not one team showed up. But he is now a member of the Seahawks, and the future Hall of Famer's sixth team will be Seattle.

     Owens started his career in San Francisco, and he played there for seven years. He spent two years with the Eagles, including a trip to the Super Bowl. Dallas was his next home, then Buffalo and Cincinnati for the next two years. 

     But what overshadows Owens so much is the controversy that comes with him. He doesn't get in trouble with the law, but numerous times has been in the news for infamous things. With the 49ers, Owens had many touchdown dances, including one vs his new team, Seattle, where he pulled a sharpie out of his sock and signed the ball after a touchdown.

     His time in Philadelphia brought the most controversy. In 2004 he stated on a radio show that if he could do the 2004 season over, he would have not signed with the Eagles. He referred to the Eagles as a classless organization, and trashed his quarterback Donovan McNabb, saying if Brett Favre was the starting quarterback, this team would be undefeated. In 2004 he appeared in a sexually suggestive skit for Desperate Housewives before a MNF game. In 2006, he tried to kill himself with pain killers, though he denies this. In a game vs the Falcons, he spit on DeAngelo Hall's face. While with the Cowboys, he cried during an interview in which he responded to the criticism on quarterback Tony Romo. Though he also would publicly trash Romo for not throwing him the ball.

    The list goes on and on. But all Owens did bring is media attention to your team, as well as a very good receiver. At this point in his career, it is unclear just how well he will do in Seattle. He will bring the media attention, and could possibly bring a decent WR. But, the team already has a very young receiving corps. 

    The oldest receiver is recently signed Braylon Edwards, who is 29. Sidney Rice (25), Ben Obamanu (28), Ricardo Lockette (26), Golden Tate (24), Kris Durham (24), Deon Butler (26), and UFA sophomore star Doug Baldwin (23) are the returning receivers. The team also added receiving TE Kellen Winslow Jr in a trade with Tampa Bay this off-season. This team appears to be adding as many weapons as possible for presumed starter Matt Flynn. 

     But could adding two veteran receivers who have not performed at an elite level in recent years a good move? Probably not. Braylon Edwards was the third pick by the Browns in 2005. He has been nothing but a bust. Only one season, in 2007, did Edwards post numbers a top 3 WR should put up (80 rec, 1,289 yds, 16 tds). But he was shipped to the Jets in 2009 and didn't do much better there. He played in 9 games for the 49ers last year before being waived mid season. Not to mention he has not been an angel off the field either.

     When Owens last played for Cincinnati in 2010, he had a very good season with 72 receptions for 983 yards and 9 touchdowns. But it has been a whole year.

     Overall, one veteran receiver is okay to add right now for Seattle. Rice has had more then enough injuries, and this unit is still young. Obamanu has been reliable, Lockette showed good signs last season, and if Baldwin can avoid a sophomore slump he will be big. Tate could be poised for a breakout year, Butler will try to get back to his old self before a tragic knee injury in 2010, and Durham should see more time this year. 

     The addition of a veteran who will demand playing time could stunt the growth of these receivers. And some of them really need a year to get back on track (IE: Tate, Butler). In my opinion, either Owens or Edwards needs to be cut after the pre-season, because all you are doing is log jamming this position and I don't see it ending well. Either one is okay, but not both.

     I think Owens will end up sticking around, and I believe he will be less of a distraction this year and make this team. And I think he is the better option over Edwards. 

     Seattle's receiver chart should look like this:
  1. Sidney Rice
  2. Terrell Owens/Braylon Edwards
  3. Doug Baldwin
  4. Ben Obamanu
  5. Deon Butler
  6. Golden Tate/Lockette/Durham
     And that just shows how hard this is bringing in Owens and/or Edwards. All those players have a case to be #2. And letting them grow on the field seems like a better idea then letting them sit behind Owens.

    This could end a number of ways for Seattle, but the chance it ends badly isn't a small percentage. The risk may outweigh the reward. This is Terrell Owens, after all.


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