September 20, 2010

College Football: The First 3 Weeks

  Football is in full swing thus far, and I have not given insight on the season. College is starting week 4, and now we take a look into the first 3 weeks.

    This has been a good year for the FCS, as they have been able to pull off 4 upsets of FBS schools.
     Kansas lost to North Dakota State, only being able to put up 3 points. Then turns right around and is able to upset #15 Georgia Tech. But in week 3, looses to Southern Mississippi. 
    Minnesota was already supposed to be bad, as I have them going 4-8. But not bad enough to loose to South Dakota. With the Gophers playing this bad for the rest of the year, I see a bottom of the Big 10 finish this year.
    Ole Miss also suffered an upset week one to Jacksonville State, which no one expected. Jacksonville State, just the year before, had almost beaten Florida State.
    And finally, Virginia Tech. This season has not started the way anyone in Blacksburg expected. With Boise State in week one, they started off down 17-0, and at halftime 20-14. But stayed in it, and only lost 33-30. 
     But the next week, they go out against James Madison, hoping the loss to Boise State wont ruin their championships hope. Unfortunately, championship hopes were all but destroyed as they lost 21-16. One of the biggest upsets of all time for the FCS.  
    There also has been some close calls this year. Navy beat Georgia South by only 6. Washington State only beat Montana State by 1 point! 
    Michigan had a huge upset scare against UMass, and fans had visions of a second version of Appalachian State. However they were able to pull away with a 42-37 victory. 
    With all these upsets, maybe the NCAA should consider moving 3-5 FCS teams to FBS after this year. Villanova already has been offered a spot in the Big East Conference.

    Speaking of Michigan, they definitely have been one of the surprise teams this year, and Denard Robinson's legs are the reason this team has succses. In week one, all the talk was of how good UConn was supposed to be. But Michigan completely demolished the Huskies 38-10.
    Next was Notre Dame, which on a late TD was won as well.
    The team, the fans, the coaches all must have been feeling pretty good about themselves, and overlooked Umass. But were able to came out with a win to start the season 3-0, and Rich Rodriguez's job is safe for now.
    Arkansas and South Carolina have been doing well this year, both 3-0 and in the Top 15. 
    However South Carolina has its first real test against Auburn, and then takes a week off before playing Alabama. How they play in those two weeks can determine the rest of the season for the Gamecocks. As long as they beat Auburn, and are competitive against Alabama, an upper-tier bowl, and if there lucky a BCS bowl, is not out of the question.
    Still, Arkansas, and trips to Clemson and Florida remain for this Gamecock squad. But keep your eye on them.
    As for Arkansas, Ryan Mallet has done great so far. 1,081 yards and 9 TD passes have the Razorbacks the third best passing team in the country, and Ryan Mallet in Heisman contention.
    The next three games for Arkansas include Alabama, Texas A&M in Arlington, and then a trip to Auburn. After that, South Carolina and LSU are the only challenges. If they can beat A&M, Auburn, and LSU, they should be able to come second in the SEC West.
    The showdown with Alabama will be a great game, and if Arkansas does the unthinkable and knocks Alabama off, plus beats either LSU or Auburn, and then wins out, this Razorback team will find its self in the SEC Title and a shot at the BCS Championship.

    Arizona also made a statement last Saturday by beating Iowa, saying that they are serious contenders for the Pac-10 title. Nick Foles is playing as good as anyone with Juron Criner and David Douglas having solid seasons so far at receiver. 
   Stanford, Oregon State and Oregon are the only other contenders for the Pac-10. But Arizona has a very ligament chance at winning. And wiith USC not going to a bowl, even if the The Trojans win the conference, it is irrelevant. 

   Oregon State may only be 1-1, but the loss came to TCU. And the loss was only by 9 points. A good win over Louisville will help this teams chances. Oregon State is a sleeper for a Rose Bowl berth, but they still must play competivly this year, especially this week against Boise State.

    Now every year, there are also teams that show they were over hyped going into the season. 

    North Carolina is a great example. Even when all the suspensions were given, people still said they could win with solid backups. Many even had them beating LSU. But then the next week after the loss to LSU, they lost to Georgia Tech. Tech just was upset by Kansas the previous week before.
    The Tar Heels now find themselves 0-2, with a game coming up against the 2-0 Rutgers Scarlet Nights. While Rutgers wins did come against Norfolk State and Florida International, they still are an under- appreciated team. After Rutgers comes 3-0 East Carolina, then Clemson. 
    This defense needs to step up, or this season is over for the Tar Heels.

    Cincinnati also was supposed to be good, and while many did not have them back in the BCS, they were expected to compete and be 3-0 at this point. However they are not and they are 1-2 with Oklahoma coming up next week.

    All the talk surrounding UConn this year was about how good they would be. However that is not the case. They are 1-2, with losses to Michigan, and Temple. UConn has really disappointed everyone so far this year. But its not to late to salvage the season.

What To Watch Next Weekend:

#1 Alabama @ #10 Arkansas (Sat, 3:30pm ET, CBS) Predicton: ALA 37 ARK 28

#16 Stanford @ Notre Dame (Sat, 3:30pm ET, NBC) Prediction: ND 24 STAN 14

#12 South Carolina @ #17 Auburn (Sat, 7:45pm ET, ESPN) Predciton: AUB 35 SC 31

#24 Oregon State @ #3 Boise State (Sat, 8:00pm ET, ABC) Prediction: BSU 48 OSU 21

#22 West Viriginia @ #15 LSU (Sat, 9:00pm ET, ESPN2) Prediction: LSU 37 WVU 26

CAL @ #14 Arizona (Sat, 10:00pm ET, Reginal Coverage) Prediction: ARA 28 CAL 14

My Week 4 Top 25

1. Alabama 3-0
2. Ohio State 3-0
3. Boise State 2-0
4. Nebraska 3-0
5. Oregon 3-0
6. TCU 3-0
7. Texas 3-0
8. Florida 3-0
9. Oklahoma 3-0
10. Wisconson 3-0
11. Arkansas 3-0
12. South Carolina 3-0
13. Utah 3-0
14. Arizona 3-0
15. Auburn 3-0
16. LSU 3-0
17. USC 3-0
18. Michigan 3-0
19. Stanford 3-0
20. Iowa 2-1
21. Michigan State 3-0
22. Oklahoma State 3-0
23. Oregon State 1-1
24. N.C. State 3-0
25. Air Force 2-1

I will try to make a College Football wrap-up every week from now on.




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