September 20, 2010

Jimmy Clausen

    The Carolina Panthers will start rookie QB Jimmy Clausen this weekend at quarterback against the Cincinnati Bengals.

    Matt Moore has done poorly thus far, which is a big reason Carolina finds itself 0-2. Moore had six turnovers in the first two games.

    Jimmy Clausen was the Panthers 2nd round choice this April out of Notre Dame, as he fell out of the first round and was taken behind Tim Tebow. Many question his attitude. Regardless, he is named starting quarterback a day before he turns 23 years old.

    This move happens at just the right time, before the Panthers season gets worse. A new wide receiver opposite Steve Smith would be helpful, and I expect Clausen to be a very productive player in his career. For now though, he is just starting his NFL career.

Jimmy Clausen during his time at Notre Dame

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