September 21, 2010

Michael Vick and Larry Johnson

    Michael Vick is now the starting Eagles quarterback. He started in place for the injured Kevin Kolb last week. Now, for the first time since 2006, he is the official starting QB.

    When Vick was reinstated, I thought after a year in Philly he would be released and start on another team like Oakland, St Louis, or Kansas City. Even if McNabb was traded.

    I do believe Vick will be successful as a starter and play like he did with the Falcons for the next few years. But I still don't see the Eagles making the playoffs this year.

    In other news, the Washington Redskins released runningback Larry Johnson today. Johnson has 2 yards on 5 rushes so far this year.

    This move was expected as the Redskins backfield was a log jam and was headed for disaster.

    Johnson will probably be signed sometime this year, but I would be very surprised to ever see him regain this old form.

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