October 7, 2010

Randy Moss Returns to Minnesota

    Randy Moss is returning back to where his Hall of Fame career began, Minnesota.  The New England Patriots traded Moss to the Minnesota Vikings Tuesday for a third round draft pick.

   The Vikings needed another option for Brett Favre while Sidney Rice is injured. Moss, who may not stick around after this year, is what management thought could fill the gap and help the Vikings make the playoff push.
    The Vikings who are 1-2 need help to win the tough division with the Packers and Bears who are both out to good starts.

    Minnesota drafted Randy Moss in 1998 with the 21st pick. Teams passed on the Marshall alumni due to off the field issues. But Moss helped Minnesota to a top ranked offense in 1998, won rookie of the year, and a 15-1 record. 

    New England may have let Moss go due to a reported argument between Moss and a coach during halftime of Mondays win against the Miami Dolphins.

    Minnesota trading for Moss may help a little, but I do not see it as enough to help the Vikings get to the playoffs.

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