October 20, 2010

New NFL hit rules

    The NFL has now issued new rules to how players can hit and tackle others. In the week that just wrapped up with a Titans 30-3 win over the Jaguars on Monday night football.
    The NFL has said that it will suspend and fine players for illegal, and dangerous hits. Mostly ones involving the helmet which as we all know, can lead to serious injury and end of careers. 
     Three players are already seeing that the NFL is serious about this new rule. Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather had two helmet-helmet hits in last Sundays win over the Ravens. Both were on Ravens tight end Todd Heap. Meriweather apologized after the game in the locker room. He is fined $50k.
     Dunta Robinson, the new Falcons corner back had a hit that almost made you turn away last Sunday. Eagles wide receiver DeShean Jackson was hit by Robinson helmet to helmet. Jackson is questionable for this Sundays game at Tennessee. Robinson was fined $25k.
     But the one the one player and his fine that are making the most attention is the Steelers James Harrison. Harrison had a big hit on Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi that knocked him out of the game. But Harrison is very unhappy with all of this, as many other players are. Harrison is contemplating retirement and is missing practice Wednesday. Harrison also had a hit on Browns receiver Josh Cribbs that sent Cribbs out of the game.
     His agent Bill Parise has stated that "This is a very serious issue. James is very concerned about how to play football. If James is going to be fined $75k for making a legal tackle, then how do you go play football?"
     While some hits are illegal and should not be tolerated, I think the NFL has gone overboard. While the hits are dangerous, they are part of the game.
      If it was up to me, the hits are allowed as it is part of the game. But the obvious ones used to cause injury are not tolerated and should cause suspension.

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