October 21, 2010

College Football Week 7 Recap

    I am sorry I have not been able to do more of these College Football recaps. I have been very busy.

    Now in the three weeks that have passed, many things have happened. Two number one teams have lost, as well as many other upsets. The National Title race is wide open at this point.

    With Alabama loosing to South Carolina, Ohio State was able to take over the #1 spot. But it did not last long as the Buckeyes went to Camp Randall to take on the Wisconsin Badgers. Wisconsin got out to an early lead, and before Ohio State knew it, they were down 21-3 at halftime.

    Ohio State was simply not able to tackle at all in the first half, as Wisconsin running back John Clay ran all over the defense. But after halftime, Ohio State came back and was able to make it 21-18. However from there, it was just like the first half and John Clay could not be touched. A late pick by Terrelle Pryor was the dagger that brought down the one week king Ohio State.

     The SEC is clearly up for grabs as Alabama now has stiff competition and Florida is already out of it following a loss to Mississippi State.

     South Carolina, LSU, Arkansas, and Auburn all still have the best shots. Don't count Georgia out either.

    The SEC West is a 3 way battle at this point. LSU, Alabama, and Auburn are all in contention. LSU and Auburn will be a battle this week, as the winner will remain undefeated.

    If Auburn wins, they should go undefeated from there on out, until a trip to Tuscaloosa would be the battle for the right to the SEC championship, and possibly the National Championship. And Cam Newton would be the favorite for Heisman.

    If LSU wins, they immediately have to play Alabama. If they win both though, they should be able to get to the SEC Title. But a game against Arkansas will be the last challenge to get to a BCS bowl.

    The SEC East will probably be won by South Carolina if they can avoid any more big upsets. With the SEC always sending two teams to the BCS, one will for sure be in the Title game with one in the Sugar Bowl. But for the first time in awhile, the two teams will not be Florida and Alabama.

    My Top 25 Week 8

1. Oregon 6-0
2. Boise State 6-0
3. TCU 7-0
4. Oklahoma 6-0
5. Auburn 7-0
6. Alabama 6-1
7. LSU 7-0
8. Michigan State 7-0
9. Wisconsin 6-1
10. Utah 6-0
11. Ohio State 6-1
12. Iowa 5-1
13. Stanford 5-1
14. Florida State 6-1
15. Nebraska 5-1
16. Arizona 5-1
17. Missouri 6-0
18. Oklahoma State 6-0
19. South Carolina 4-2
20. West Virginia 5-1
21. Arkansas 4-2
22. Virginia Tech 5-2
23. Texas 4-2
24. USC  5-2
25. Kansas State 5-1

What To Watch:

UCLA @ #1 Oregon (Thu, 6:00pm ET, ESPN) Prediction: ORE 37 UCLA 10

#7 LSU @ #5 Auburn (Sat, 3:30pm ET, CBS) Prediction: AUB 37 LSU 24

#9 Wisconsin @ #12 Iowa (Sat, 3:30pm ET, ABC/ESPN) Prediction: IOWA 24 WISC 13

#15 Nebraska @ #18 Oklahoma State (Sat, 3:30pm ET, ABC/ESPN) Prediction: NEB 28 OSU 21

North Carolina @ Miami (FL) (Sat, 7:30pm ET, ESPN2) Prediction: UNC 21 MIAMI 14

#4 Oklahoma @ #17 Missouri (Sat, 8:00pm ET, ABC) Prediction: OKL 25 MIZZ 6

Washington @ #16 Arizona (Sat, 10:15pm ET, ESPN) Prediction: UW 30 ARZ 16

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