October 24, 2010

World Series Set

    On Saturday night the Giants defeated the Phillies 3-2 to win the NLCS in a 4-2 fashion. The outstanding pitching by Brian Wilson during the ninth inning led to Giants to the win and their first berth in the World Series since the 2002 loss to the LA Angels.

    The Giants will host the Texas Rangers on Wednesday night, to kick off the start of the W.S.

    San Fransisco's pitching has been great thoughout the playoffs, and I expect them to continue that trend throughout the W.S. The pitching will shut down the Rangers offense.
    The Giants will win this series 4-1. With wins in game one and two in San Fransisco. The series will then go back to Texas, where the Rangers will take one game. After that, the Giants will be ready to win it all and take the next two games.

     The city of San Fransisco is ready, and will win their first championship in 55 years.

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