November 23, 2010

Changing the College Football Landscape

    Before this college football season, there were rumors of major conference changes and possibly a disappearance of the Big 12 all together. But in the end, not much changed and the Big 10 added Nebraska, PAC-10 added Utah and Colorado, and the Mountain West added the WAC's only three good teams.

    But I feel that the conferences are still not fair, and neither is the BCS or the post season. So I came up with all the new rules, conferences, and post season plan for college football. The new rules are the following:

  • Six conferences consist of 12, major schools. These are called "High Conferences."
  • Five conferences consist of 10, small schools. However, one conference has 12 teams. These are called "Lower Conferences."
  • All conferences have a championship game within conferences geographical region.
  • Five former FCS schools move up to FBS. The teams are Delaware, Jacksonville State, Villanova, James Madison, and Montana.
  • Notre Dame remains an Independent, but Navy and Army join a conference.
  • FBS is now called Division 1. FCS is Division 2. Division 2 is now Division 3, and Division 3 is now Division 4.
  • 32 teams from Division 1 make the Tournament to determine the champion. This replaces BCS and all bowls.
  • Winner of each conference championship game, High or Low, receives automatic bid to Tournament.
  • 21 teams who have best records in college football, yet did not win conference championship, can receive "wild card" bid. Wild card bids can be given to any team.
  • All Independent teams need a wild card bid to get into Tournament.
  • A seconded tournament, named the NIT just as college basketball, will feature the 16 best teams who did not get into the Tournament.
  • All Tournament and NIT games are played at neutral locations, usually NFL, MLB, or stadiums formally used for bowl games.
  • All teams will play 12 regular season games.
  • For 12-team conferences, three non-conference games, and nine conference games.
  • For 10-team conferences, three non conference games, and all teams play all teams in conference.
  • All teams are given two byes, and the season is 14 weeks long.
  • Rules of the actual game of football remain the same.
    While those are the rules I would change, these are the new conferences and new teams.

High Conferences

Atlantic Conference
    The Atlantic Conference features a lot of former ACC schools, and a few SEC powerhouses. It has a North and South division. The championship game will be played in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA. While the South division is much stronger, Geographically it makes much more sense. 

1. Duke
2. North Carolina
3. North Carolina State
4. Virginia
5. Virginia Tech
6. Wake Forest

1. Florida
2. Florida State
3. Georgia
4. Georgia Tech
5. Miami (FL)
6. South Florida

Central Conference
    The Central Conference is almost all teams from the Big 12, but adds TCU and Arkansas to the South Division. The Championship is at Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

1. Colorado
2. Iowa
3. Iowa State
4. Nebraska
5. Oklahoma
6. Oklahoma State

1. Arkansas
2. Baylor
3. TCU
4. Texas
5. Texas A& M
6. Texas Tech

Eastern Conference
   The Eastern Conference may be one of the weaker conferences of the High ones, but it still makes the cut. It has a few Big East, SEC, and ACC teams as well as Army and Navy. The championship for this conference is played at the New Meadowland Stadium in New Jersey.

1. Army
2. Boston College
3. Connecticut 
4. Pittsburgh
5. Rutgers
6. Syracuse

1. Clemson
2. Louisville
3. Maryland
4. Navy
5. South Carolina
6. Temple

Northern Conference
    This conference has a lot of Big 10 teams, and a couple Big 12 and Big East schools. All together, it makes the Northern Conference. The championship is played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

1. Cincinnati
2. Michigan
3. Michigan State
4. Minnesota
5. Penn State
6. Wisconsin

1. Illinois
2. Indiana
3, Missouri 
4. Northwestern
5. Ohio State
6. Purdue

Pacific Conference
   The Pacific Conference consists for 12 teams, mostly from the PAC-10 and a couple newcomers. The championship game is played at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington.

1. Boise State
2. Oregon
3. Oregon State
4. Utah
5. Washington
6. Washington State

1. Arizona
2. Arizona State
3. Califoria
4. Stanford
6. USC

Southeast Conference
    The Southeast Conference is made up of many different teams. Mostly SEC teams, with some Big 12, Conference USA, and Big East teams. The championship is at the Louisiana Superdome, in Louisiana.

1. Kansas
2. Kansas State
3. Kentucky
4. Tennessee
5. Vanderbilt 
6. West Virginia

1. Alabama
2. Auburn
3. LSU
4. Mississippi
5. Mississippi State
6. Southern Mississippi

Low Conferences

Midwest Conference
    The Midwest Conference actually has so many teams from Ohio, one one the divisions is named the "Ohio Division." The championship is at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. 

1. Ball State
2. Buffalo
3. Central Michigan
4. Eastern Michigan
5. Northern Illinois
6. Western Michigan

1. Akron
2. Bowling Green
3. Kent State
4. Miami (OH)
5. Ohio
6. Toledo

North USA
    The North USA has teams from coast to coast. There really is not a certain region this conference has. They also have four of the five former FCS schools. The championship is at FedEx Field, in Maryland.

1. Delaware
2. James Madison
3. Marshall
4. Memphis
5. Villanova

1. BYU
2. Idaho
3. Montana
4. Utah State
5. Wyoming

Rockies Conference
   The Rockies Conference is all former WAC and Mountain West teams. The championship is at Mile Stadium, Colorado. 

1. Air Force
2. Colorado State 
3. Hawaii
4. Nevada
5. UNLV  

1. Fresno State
2. New Mexico 
3. New Mexico State
4. San Diego State
5. San Jose State

South USA
     The South USA features teams from the southern states of the USA. It has a division of all Texas teams, so that division is called the "Texas Division." Its championship is at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. 

1. Central Florida
2. East Carolina
3. Louisiana Tech
4. Tulsa
5. UAB

1. Houston
2. North Texas
3. Rice
4. SMU

The Southern Gulf Conference
    The South Gulf Conference has mostly Sun Belt teams. It also has one of the FCS schools. The championship is at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Florida.

1. Arkansas State
2. Florida Atlantic
3. Florida International
4. Jacksonville State
5. Troy

1. Louisiana Lafayette 
2. Louisiana Monroe
3. Middle Tennessee State
4. Tulane
5. Western Kentucky

    Only one team here.

1. Notre Dame

    Well that is it. That is how I would change college football. Thank you for reading and I value your opinion. Please leave them in comments!

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