November 21, 2010

College Football Week 12 Recap

    As we head into rivalry week, lets take a look back at week 12 where a few teams played their last game of the season, and some last until a bowl.

    Because the top two teams in the country, and the #4 team didn't have a game this weekend because of byes,  the top 25 wont have much shuffling near the top. LSU had a scare against Ole Miss which could have lost the Tigers there national title hopes.

    The best game of Saturday would definitely be #7 Ohio State at #19 Iowa. Iowa was lucky in the penalties, and both of Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor's interceptions came from tipped passes that Iowa was lucky to grab. But at the end, Ohio State just played better football and escaped with a 20-17 point win.

    The Big 10's three best teams, which are Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Michigan State, all have one loss and are tied at the top of the conference. If all three teams win this Saturday, Wisconsin and Ohio State will make the BCS while Michigan State will go to the Capital One Bowl. This all because if the three teams are tied, based on the BCS standings the top two will go to BCS bowls.

    Michigan State needs Northwestern to beat Wisconsin, or Michigan to beat rival Ohio State. But they will have there hands full with Penn State who is trying to get that extra win in order to get to a more prestigious bowl.

    However I feel that Penn State ill upset the Spartans, and play spoiler to their chances. After a loss Michigan State would need Wisconsin and Ohio State to both be blown out by Northwestern and Michigan, yet that is a long shot. Regardless of a win or loss, Michigan State should get ready for Orlando, Florida and a match up with either LSU or Alabama.

   I would like to point out that last week i predicted two upsets. The first one was #17 Texas A&M to beat #8 Nebraska by a score of 49-43. A shootout. But while A&M did pull off the upset, it ws a defensive struggle insted that was won by a small score of 9-6.

    The other game i predicted an upset in was #22 Mississippi State to beat #13 Arkansas. And while i was incorrect in the winner, I did come close as Arkansas won 38-31 in double-overtime.

Top 25

1. Oregon 10-0
2. Auburn 11-0
3. Boise State 10-0
4. TCU 11-0
5. Wisconsin 10-1
6. Ohio State 10-1
7. LSU 10-1
8. Stanford 10-1
9. Alabama 9-2
10, Oklahoma State 10-1
11. Michigan State 10-1
12. Arkansas 9-2
13. Oklahoma 9-2
14. Texas A&M 8-3
15. Virginia Tech 9-2
16. Missouri 9-2
17. Nebraska 9-2
18. South Carolina 8-3
19. Florida State 8-3
20. Nevada 10-1
21. Arizona 8-3
22. Iowa 7-4
23. N.C. State 8-3
24. Mississippi State 7-4
25. Northern Illinois 9-2

Next 5 in: Utah (9-2), Tulsa (8-3), West Virginia (7-3), Florida (7-4), Ohio (8-3)

What To Watch:

#2 Auburn @ #9 Alabama (Fri, 2:30pm ET, CBS) Prediction: ALA 30 AUB 28

#21 Arizona @ #1 Oregon (Fri, 7:00pm ET, ESPN) Prediction: ORE 44 ARI 20

#3 Boise State @ #19 Nevada (Fri, 10:15pm ET, ESPN) Prediction: BSU 45 NEV 3

#11 Michigan State @ Penn State (Sat, 12:00pm ET, Big 10 Network) PSU 27 MSU 17

Northwestern @ #5 Wisconsin (Sat, 3:30pm ET, ABC) Prediction: WIS 42 NW 21
Florida @ #19 Florida State (Sat, 3:30pm ET, ABC) Prediction: FSU 20 FLOR 14

#13 Oklahoma @ #10 Oklahoma State (Sat, 8:00pm ET, ABC) Prediction: OSU 39 OKL 37


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