December 28, 2010

Let J.P. Losman start

    As an add on to my post last night, I was thinking of what Seattle should do if Matt Hasselbeck can in fact not start against St. Louis. This game again being for a trip to the playoffs.

    Like I said before, Charlie Whitehurst has been so bad this season and Seattle has no chance to win with him under center. There are three quarterbacks on Seattle's roster. Hasselbeck, Whitehurst, and a player who has not seen any time this year, J.P. Losman.

    Losman was a former first round pick in 2004 by the Buffalo Bills. He was originally a student at UCLA and on the Bruins football team, but transferred to Tulane. As a Green Wave, he was a star and earned a 1st round pick.

Losman as a Bill

    He had some starting experience, but is still considered a huge bust. Never playing up to expectations. He did sometimes show flashes of potential, but never nearly enough. He then went to the UFL and led them to the first UFL championship ever. A short stint with Oakland then landed him in Seattle. He was released for a few weeks, but came back to the team and is still there.

    But what I am getting at, is that if Hasselbeck cannot play, Losman should start over Whitehurst. Losman has far more experience then Whitehurst. Much more. Whitehurst had not taken one snap in an NFL game until this year. And when he has played he has done awful.

    I know Losman has not played this year, but he has to be better then Whitehurst. I attended a training camp session in Renton, Washington where the Seahawks practice. While it was just one practice and was during the preseason, Losman was not bad.

    If Hasselbeck cannot play, Losman needs to start. Why not try him? He cant be worse then Whitehurst.

Charlie Whitehurst

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