December 28, 2010

Making Scense of the NFC West

    Their really has not been a lot to write about in sports lately. So I decided to make a post about the NFC West and the big game this weekend in the division, and the whole NFL. Seattle and St. Louis. But first lets see what all the fuss about the NFC West is.

    What makes this game special, or in a better word, strange, is that Seattle is 6-9, and St. Louis is 7-8. And if Seattle is the winner, will make the NFL playoffs at 7-9. "What? How does that happen?" is probably the question going through your head right now. But in each NFL division, the winner automatically makes the post season.

    Many are against this rule, and this is the year that many think will cause a change in the rule. But some say no matter how weak your division is, if you win, you deserve to be in.

    In my opinion, if a team wins the division they should be in. But there is a limit. the NFC West is consisted of the Seattle Seahawks (6-9), St. Louis Rams (7-8), San Fransisco 49ers (5-10), and Arizona Cardinals (5-10).

    It would not be a stretch to say that any of these four teams was one of the worst in the NFC besides Carolina. Thats how bad they are.

    So that is why i support the rule change of only taking the six teams with the best record to the playoffs. Not the division winners and two best 2nd place finishers

    So whoever wins this game in Seattle, will make the playoffs with a bad record. If Seattle wins, it will be the first time in the 16-game season era that a team with a record below .500 make the post-season. St. Louis would be one of only three 8-8 teams to make the playoffs. Whoever makes it will be called the worst playoff team ever as well.

    St. Louis won in week three over Seattle in a blowout, but the season has been so inconsistent for almost every team that I don't see this being a fair point in arguing for a Rams win.

    But a big thing has come up for Seattle. Coach Pete Carroll has said that backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst will start. Whitehurst has been awful this season when he plays and every time he is in the game the whole offense plays like a high school team against an NFL defense. The usual starter Matt Hasselbeck has not been ruled out yet.

    The Seahawks have been the most inconsistent team in the NFL by far, as every loss have been by over 15 points, but every win by at least seven except for one game against Chicago.

    But in this game, I feel that St. Louis wants it more. And that's what seals it. If Whitehurst plays for Seattle, the chances for a Seahawks win goes to an absolute zero. If you haven't seen this guy play yet, good for you because it is hard to watch.

   Seattle needs Hasselbeck to play and I feel he will play in the end. But my final score prediction is:

   St. Louis-27 Seattle-14

    St. Louis goes to the playoffs and goes from the worst team in the NFL to a playoff team. But still, they finish 8-8.

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