February 24, 2011

Cavs trade Mo Williams to Clippers for Baron Davis

    In a day full of trades, the last one to cap off Wednesday swapped two veteran point guards. Mo Williams along with Jamario Moon are going to the Clippers, while Baron Davis and a 2011 first round draft pick are going to Cleveland.

    For Los Angeles, they clear up lots of cap room. And bring in a younger, but still experienced point guard. As well as a swing man in Jamario Moon who will add to the Clippers already impressive highlight real of dunks every game. If only the dunks could translate into wins.

    How much this helps the team right now though, does not do much at all. If anything it may even hurt the play of super rookie Blake Griffin. Him and Davis had a bond growing, and it was especially shown at the dunk contest last weekend, where Davis was the one in the car throwing the ally-oop to Griffin (right). Griffin won the contest because of that dunk.

    For Cleveland, the worst team in the NBA, they are just trying to figure out what the hell to do. Nothing is going right ever since LeBron James left. This move though may have made the locker room just a worse place.

    A GM who has had past dealings with Davis had this to say:

"Baron won't be happy, this is a worst-case scenario for him. He was just starting to get happy in L.A. playing with Blake Griffin. There's not much to get excited about in Cleveland these days."
     If this is true, Davis will only hurt this locker room, making Cleveland's season even worse. That is the last thing this organization, players, and fans need right now.

    Overall this trade made sense. Though I am sure Davis would be a lot happier on a better team. Or even just to stay in Los Angeles with the Clippers and Griffin. But the Clippers are on their way to becoming a playoff contender. Trading Davis and all his money to clear space for the future is a big part of becoming a better team.

     For Cleveland, they wanted the pick. That is how you rebuild a franchise in their situation. Davis will most likely retire or leave for a new team after the season. Regardless, both teams got what they wanted. A good trade for both teams.

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