February 23, 2011

Nets Make move for Williams after Missing out on Anthony

    The New Jersey Nets did not get LeBron James this summer. They did not get Carmelo Anthony either. After clearing the roster and expecting stars to line up to play for them, the Nets never got anyone. But on Wednesday, two days after Carmelo was traded to New York instead of New Jersey, the Nets made a move and aquired one of the top point guards in the NBA, Deron Williams.

    Devin Harris, and rookie post man Derrick Favors from Georgia Tech are being sent to Utah for Williams, as well as two first round picks.

Deron Williams
    The Nets have found a star, but is it worth it? Williams has the option to become a free agent at the end of the season. Will he stick around with the Nets and wait for more stars to join him? Or will he walk?

    If he walks, the Nets will have made one of the worst trades of all time. Ever. They are already out of the playoff contention. And they may have just given up a player in Favors who could have, with Brook Lopez, made one of the top post games in the NBA for years to come, for what? A point guard who may be better then Devin Harris, but would be there half a season and then leave. He will help them get wins but will not help them to the playoffs!

    If Williams walks at the end of this season, the Nets Favors who could help the team for years, for half a season with a star player in Williams who can help them add five to seven wins to their season total. That will put this team many steps back in rebuilding their franchise.

Derrick Favors
    New Jersey has to be confident that Williams will re-sign with them. Because no one is dumb enough to actually go through with this trade and not think Williams will be back next season.

    Unfortunately, I do not see Williams back in a Nets jersey next year. Not unless the 17-40 Nets can somehow win more then half its remaining games this season. Then Williams might see some potential for this team.

    With how bad this Nets team is right now, going above .500 for the rest of the season is out of reach. I think the Nets just made a trade that in five years, we may mark as one of the worst trade in NBA history.

    For Utah, they got two great players in this trade and two draft picks. Harris will fill in nicely for Williams, and Favors will be a solid player for the years to come. Utah got a great deal and should not miss Williams much at all.

Other NBA Trade Deadline News:

The Nets also traded Troy Murphy to Golden State for Brandon Wright and Dan Gadzuric. Golden State is expected to buy out the contract, making Murphy a free agent.

Gerald Wallace
Carl Landry was dealt to the Hornets from the Kings today in exchange for Marcus Thorton.

The Hawks have traded Mike Bibby, Maurice Evans, Jordan Crawford, along with a 2011 first round pick to the Wizards for Kirk Hinrich, and Hilton Armstrong.

Kosta Koufos, a second year player out of Ohio State was sent to Denver from Minnesota as part of the Carmelo Anthony trade.

Gerald Wallace has a high possibility of moving to Portland in exchange for Andre Miller before the deadline.

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