February 22, 2011

NBA Drama over; Carmelo Anthony is traded to New York

    There were two NBA stars who were on the market before the season started, Chris Paul of New Orleans and Carmelo Anthony of Denver. On Monday, Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the New York Knicks in a three team deal.

    All of this season we have heard rumors of Carmelo Anthony being traded. Was he going to start his own "Big 3" in New York? Make one in Denver or New Jersey? Or even sign with Orlando or the Los Angeles Lakers this off season? All has been settled, and Carmelo is going to the Big Apple.

    The deal has sent these players to these locations:

New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony (DEN)
Chauncey Billups (DEN)
Sheldon Williams (DEN)
Anthony Carter (DEN)
Renaldo Balkman (DEN)
Corey Brewer (MIN)

Denver Nuggets
Raymond Felton (NY)
Danilo Gallinari (NY)
Wilson Chandler (NY)
Timofey Mozgof (NY)
2014 1st Rd. Pick (NY)
2012 2nd Rd. Pick (NY via GS)
2013 2nd Rd. Pick (NY via GS)
$3 million in cash (NY)

Minnesota Timberwolves

Eddy Curry (NY)
Anthony Randolph (NY)

    How This Affects New York:
Carmelo Anthony
    For New York, they finally got their man. Carmelo Anthony is a New York Knick. Even though it meant completely re-hauling the entire team for the most part. New York fans can finally have a good basketball team to root for. Because Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo will get them to a #3 or #4 seed when the playoffs roll around, and the Knicks will be a force for years to come.

    Even with this move, the Knicks did not become a serious championship contender. There still are only two in the East, Boston and Miami.  (No; I do not think the Magic are serious contenders right now, they are just about a player or two away.)

    New York still needs another star player to compete for the title. They should be able to get one this off-season. Is Chris Paul a possibility? Maybe even lure Dwight Howard from Orlando to have the best post game in the NBA with Amare Stoudemire? But Chris Paul could always go to Orlando and join Howard. That would be a stronger team the New York. Right now, I feel Orlando is a stronger team then New York.

    The Knicks lost almost all their roster, and apparently players who were moved such as Raymond Felton,  Danilo Gallinari, and Wilson Chandler are unhappy about leaving New York. They felt they had a good thing and were finally on a team that could compete without Anthony. But now they are going to the Nuggets, who as of Monday night are in rebuilding mode.

    The rest of the players who are going to New York are for the most part bench players who now can get some more playing time. Chauncey Billups and Corey Brewer will become starters.

    For New York, just sign one more star, or even a solid starter who can put up the big points anytime, and an NBA title could be coming to very soon.

How This Affects Denver:

    The face of Denver is gone, and the Nuggets are set to rebuild for the future. They recived a truck load of players who for the most part, don't seem to want to be here

    When talks were going on with the Nets, Denver was pushing to get Devin Harris and rookie Derrick Favors. Raymond Felton and Wilson Chandler will most likely be traded again before the deadline.
Danilo Gallinari
    The Dallas Mavericks are pushing for Devin Harris, so we could see another three team trade before the deadline. Denver's number one guy from New Jersey has seemed to be Derrick Favors. But if the Nets are not getting a star in Carmelo Anthony, are they willing to part way so soon with the rookie?

    Danilo Gallinari could be around Denver for awhile. He is a young, underrated player who could help this team for years. I think Gallinari will be a good player in this league.

    Denver is going into rebuilding mode. That is the final point. We will see how management will reshape this franchise to get back into the playoffs. But for a few years, no playoffs.

How This Affects Minnesota:
Anthony Randolph
    Not a lot to say here about the Timberwolves. They just seemed to be the other destination for New York to send players. They recived the contract of Eddy Curry who maybe can now find a home where he can be happy. Anthony Randolph was also brought in and can add some help to this young team.

    They lost a young player in Corey Brewer, but Anthony Randolph is also young and will fill in for Brewer perfectly. Don't expect anything different from Minnesota after this trade. Still just a young team who is growing stronger and stronger and is waiting for Ricky Rubio to finally come and play for them.

    This has been one of the biggest trades in NBA history. New York still needs a piece to complete the puzzle. They are not done making moves and will be an active team this off season. But in the end, everyone can exhale because the Carmelo Anthony drama is finally over. Thank God.

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