February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Preview

    I have not posted anything in along time. But its Super Bowl time. And the Steelers take on the Packers in Dallas. Before the season, I predicted Green Bay would reach the Super Bowl. But I had Pittsburgh missing the playoffs. So I got one team right.

    I did make predictions when the playoffs started but please remember:, I always was and still am sticking by my preseason predictions. Those picks I made when the playoffs started were just a different, little bonus blog post, and I stick by my preseason picks. And I would even if every team I picked missed the playoffs.

    And now the back to the Super Bowl. A game many are exited for, but a lot of people with tickets will have trouble getting to due to all this weather in the mid-west. I personally am rooting for the Packers. I am tired of seeing the Steelers in the Super Bowl, and Ben Roethlisberger is a bad person off the field. That and being a Seahawks fan I still am mad about 2005.

You just don't see Manning doing this
    People say "If Big Ben wins a 3rd Super Bowl, then he deserves to be in the ranks of Brady and Manning." You could not be more wrong. Yes he has two rings and could have three this Sunday, more then Manning  and a tie to Brady. But you know what separates Brady and Manning from Roethlisberger? How they conduct themselves off the field. Roethlisberger has had to many off field issues.

    To many bad things. Motorcycles, sexual assaults, and maybe some attempted rapes, I am very much against "Big Ben". Brady, Manning, and even Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, they are better in my opinion. And Big Ben plays on a team where he does not lead them to wins, the defense does. He does not deserve to be in that category.

    But enough about Big Ben. Lets move on to team comparison. When you look at each position, and who is better, it looks something like this:

 Position  Packers  Steelers
QB                X                              Rodgers better then 
                                                      Roethlisberger any day.

RB                                 X             So much inexperience for GB 
                                                     going against #1 run-defense. 

WR                                X             Close, but it comes down to TE 
                                                     where PIT has better player.

OL                                 X             Even without Pouncey, PIT is 

DL                                  X             More experience upfront gives 
                                                      PIT the edge

LB                                  X             GB has #2 LB unit in NFL, but PIT 
                                                      is #1.

DB                 X                              No stars for PIT but Polamalu, but 
                                                      GB can match rest.

ST                  X                             Crosby is best kicker here by far.

Coach                             X             Both good, but Tomlin has the
                                                      playoff experience and a ring.

When Packers have the Ball
Aaron Rodgers
    Don't expect any run game from the Packers. The pass will need to be huge in this game. The running back position is toast. If Ryan Grant were active it would help, but still not enough. Pittsburgh will shut down this run game. As for passing, Rodgers will throw all over the place. That will be what will score GB's points.

    Pittsburgh's defense is very very good. They will, as I said before, shut down this run game. The secondary needs to play huge though if they want to for sure win.

When Steelers have the Ball
Rashard Mendenhall

    Steelers passing game will not have a big day, but the run game will. An opposite of how Green Bay will do this game. Watch for Mendenhall to have a great game. But the pass needs to have at least a few big plays.

    The Packers defense will stop the pass. But the run defense, that has allowed 114 ypg this season needs to play huge. If Pouncey doesn't play for PIT, that will benefit the Packers in a huge way. If he does, it will be very hard to GB to stop the run.

Final Score  

    But as they say, "defense wins championships." And that is what will happen here. Pittsburgh wins another Super Bowl, and we all need to consider if someone has taken over the Patriots for the best dynasty right now.

    This will be a slug fest game. Low scoring in a defensive battle. I do not expect a lot of scoring. But we have seen weirder things in Super Bowls. Maybe both defenses shut down and its a shootout of passing? But I'm going to play it safe. Pittsburgh wins 21-17.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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