October 18, 2011

Carson Palmer On Move as NFL Trade Deadline Passes

    Mike Brown the owner of the Cincinnati Bengals finally caved in. After saying repeatedly that Carson Palmer will not be traded, other teams still sent offers for the two time Pro Bowl quarterback. Oakland was one of these teams, and when Jason Campbell went down with a season-ending injury last Sunday, the Raiders had a new urgency to grab Palmer, and a deal went through.

Carson Palmer
    The Raiders (4-2) have sent a first round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, and a second round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, that could turn into another first round pick if the team wins a playoff game in 2011. In return Carson Palmer will be suiting up in the Silver and Black and be Oakland's newest starting quarterback.

    The only other quarterbacks on Oakland's roster are Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor. Boller has not started a game sense he was with Baltimore back in 2007. He has had some starter experience, but not nearly enough for the Raiders to trust him at the reigns. Pryor is a rookie from Ohio State who was suspended the first 5 games and was only reinstated Monday. He is a long term project that may not even play quarterback in the future.

    The free agent pool is also quite empty as the best option is David Garrard, but Garrard now needs surgery and will not be able to play for anyone during the 2011 season.

    So the Raiders offered a 1st and 2nd rounder for Palmer, and Mike Brown, the owner of the Bengals, accepted. The Raiders play Kansas City this weekend, and after that have a bye. Week 9 the team plays Denver at home, and Palmer is expected to make his debut in that game. Kyle Boller will most likely start the game this Sunday. Palmer has been working with trainer and former NFL QB Ken O'Brian and apparently is in "top shape."

    Is this a good move? Yes it is. But maybe not for the price. While I do believe that this move helps the Raiders, and puts them in a better situation then they even were with Campbell, I think they gave up way to much. A first and second round pick that may possibly become another first rounder is just to much for Palmer. The Raiders need to improve all across the board, and giving up two picks that could be used on players that would be the future of the team just for Palmer will be a bad move in my books.

Will Palmer be worth the price?
    Unless Palmer gets them playoff wins for years to come, I don't see this being what the Raiders expect. Oakland does not have a solid offensive line and has worse receivers then Cincinnati had. The Raiders have just given up to much here for a player who will not give them what they are hoping for. While Palmer will play well, he will not be worth the picks they gave up.

    After this move, the Raiders only have picks in round 5 and 6 of this years draft. The first rounder traded for Palmer, the second rounder to New England for other picks that led to Joe Barksdale and Taiwan Jones. The third round pick was used on Pryor in the supplemental draft, and the fourth was used to trade for Jason Campbell. The seventh round pick was used to acquire linebacker Aaron Curry, a former first round pick, from Seattle. However the Raiders will most likely gain some compensation picks in late rounds after heavy losses in free agency.

    This is the kind of move you would expect Al Davis to make, giving up to much for a player not worth the price. Davis is now deceased, but apparently Raiders have not changed.

    Oakland was right to make the move for Palmer, but should not have given up as much as they did.

   Oakland was not the only team making moves this week, as the Eagles and Lions made a deal to swap running backs. Detroit will receive Ronnie Brown from the Eagles for Jerome Harrison and a 2013 7th round pick.

Jerome Harrison
    Detroit needed a back who can run the inside and be a goal line rusher, after the rookie they drafted, Mikel Leshoure was placed on IR in the pre-season. Jerome Harrison does not fit that role, and will head back to the Eagles where he was traded to last year from Cleveland. He will be the backup to LeSean McCoy and could see more playing time then he did last season.

    Detroit gets Ronnie Brown who is an inside rusher and is a great pick up for the Lions. They have a more powerful back and can fill in for Jahvid Best any time, and will be a good replacement for Leshoure for the rest of the season.

    Overall a fair trade for both teams here. Both improve their running back depth.

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