October 13, 2011

College Football Week 6 Recap

    College football is well underway and we are about half way through the season already. Not many upsets thus far, and there has not been many exiting games. But this weekend had some very good games though, as will next weekend.

    After beating up on Georgia in week one, Boise State only really had one more test on their schedule, against Fresno State. And on Friday night the Broncos toppled the Bulldogs 57-7. Boise State became 5-0. While I do believe Boise State still could be a title contender even if having a conference schedule like a normal BCS team, they are still in the Mountain West. By playing small teams like this every year, they never will be considered an elite team in my books.

    Oklahoma and Texas played in their annual Red River Rivalry, and Oklahoma proved why they are one of the top teams in the nation, and why Landry Jones should be a Heisman contender up with Andrew Luck. Texas showed us they are not quite where we thought they were in regards to coming back from a 5-7 season last year.

    The same thing really went for LSU, as they destroyed Florida and Jarrett Lee proved why he also is a Heisman contender. Florida, as Texas did, showed why they also are a few years from being back to a BCS team.

    After Nebraska was embarrassed by Wisconsin in their Big 10 debut, they went up against the Buckeyes of Ohio State. Ohio State who is having one of the worst seasons in along time for them, played better then they had all season and to every ones amazement was up 27-6 at half. Braxton Miller was playing more freely, much like Terrelle Pryor would. Carlos Hyde had some great runs for Ohio State, including a 60-yard TD run in the second quarter.

    But coming out of half, Miller sprained his ankle when changing direction, and it was all down hill from there. Joe Bauserman came in for Ohio State and might have played the worst quarter and half I have ever seen. As imaginable, Nebraska came back, and scored 28 unanswered points to win 34-27. The nightmare for Ohio State continues.

Top 25:

1. LSU 6-0
2. Alabama 6-0
3. Oklahoma 5-0
4. Boise State 5-0
5. Wisconsin 5-0
6. Stanford 5-0
7. Oklahoma State 5-0
8. Oregon 4-1
9. Clemson 6-0
10. Arkansas 5-1
11. Georgia Tech 6-0
12. South Carolina 5-1
13. Michigan 6-0
14. Nebraska 5-1
15. West Virginia 5-1
16. Illinois 6-0
17. Baylor 4-1
18. Virginia Tech 5-1
19. Kansas State 5-0
20. Arizona State 5-1
21. Texas A &M 3-2
22. Michigan State 4-1
23. Washington 4-1
24. Texas 4-1
25. Houston 6-0

Next 5 in: Penn State 5-1, Florida 4-2, USC 4-1, North Carolina 5-1, SMU 4-1, Cincinnati 4-1

What To Watch:

#17 Baylor @ #21 Texas A &M, 12:00 PM ET, FX, Prediction: TAM 29 BAY 27

Miami (FL) @ North Carolina, 12:30 PM ET, ESPN3, Prediction: UNC 30 MIA 25

#7 Oklahoma State @ #22 Texas, 3:30 PM ET, ABC/ESPN, Prediction: OK ST 37 TEX 33

Ohio State @ #16 Illinois, 3:30 PM ET, ABC/ESPN, Prediction: OSU 27 ILL 20

#20 Arizona State @ #9 Oregon, 10:15 PM ET, ESPN, Prediction: ORE 51 ASU 30

Game Of The Week: 

#13 Michigan (6-0) @ #22 Michigan State (4-1)

12:00 PM ET, ESPN

Prediction: MSU 27 MICH 21

    Michigan is overrated. They get by with Denard Robinson running the ball, and they have not played anyone good thus far. This is what happened last year, they started off good by playing terrible teams and Robinson running circles around them, then one the real teams came they lost and Robinson fell off the map. Same thing this year. Once these better teams come in with much more athletic linebackers who can stop the run, like Michigan State, they contain Robinson and make him throw the ball, which he may be the worst at out of all Big 10 quarterbacks. If Michigan State contains Robinson in the running game and the offense can avoid to many turnovers, they win this game with ease and maybe by a lot more then just six.

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