December 15, 2011

CP3 Heads West to LAC

    The NBA-owned Hornets finally found a new home for Chris Paul. While he will be going to LA, he will not be joining Kobe Bryant, he will be going to the LA Clippers. Paul was traded along with two future second round picks to the Clippers for Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu, Chris Kaman, and a first round pick that was Minnesota's.

Chris Paul
    The New Orleans Hornets are owned by the NBA, and the NBA was negotiating for the Hornets in this trade. Last week a deal with the Lakers and Rockets would have sent Paul to the Lakers, pairing him with Kobe and putting the Lakers back to a title favorite. However the deal fell through at the last minute because other owners became upset as the trade sent a superstar player to join another superstar player, something teams do not want to see another one of.

    The NBA and David Stern received heavy criticism from the public for killing the deal due to the complaining of other teams. In the end, he was not traded to an already championship caliber team and another "big 3" starting up was prevented. Instead Paul will be sent to the other LA team, the Clippers, who are not anywhere near the Lakers talent level.

"I knew we were doing the best thing for New Orleans and that was my job," David Stern said. "You have to stick with what you think was right. I must confess it wasn't a lot of fun, but I don't get paid to have fun."

    This time, Stern did not allow other teams opinions be brought into the equation.

    All of last season, and through the lockout, it appeared Paul would be going to the Knicks. But that never was even an option because of cap space. Paul now joins a Clippers squad who has made some key FA aquistions to try to get this team to the playoffs. They should be there now.

Eric Gordon
    The Clippers lost three very talented young players that really would be the future of this team. Eric Gordon, maybe the most underrated player in the league, is one of the best shooters in the game, but now will be a Hornet. Chris Kaman also is a very underrated player and now he will be shipped off. Al-Farouq Aminu is a young player who has a bright future and he will also be gone. As well as a first round pick that will most likely be a lottery pick.

    With the Clippers additions of Chris Paul, and FA's Chauncy Billups and Caron Butler, and of course Blake Griffin, the team can contend for a playoff spot in the stacked Western Conference. The point guard positron for LA now features Eric Bledsoe, Mo Williams, Paul and Billups.

    As for the New Orleans Hornets, the deal worked out better then most would think. They get three very talented players, and Eric Gorden can flourish as the go to scorer. But they will most likely not be in the playoffs for a few years.

    Overall, the trade left both teams in a better position. The Clippers became much better, and the Hornets while getting worse, still managed to bring in three players that they can build around for the future. They are much better off then most teams when a star is lost (Example: Cleveland Cavs).


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