December 1, 2011

Donavan McNabb Waived By Vikings

    Donovon McNabb was waived by the Minnesota Vikings Thursday. The 13-year veteran will look to sign somewhere for his third team in the last two seasons.

    McNabb was brought into Minnesota to start while rookie Christian Ponder was groomed. But due to very bad play, McNabb was benched in week 6, and Ponder took over. McNabb then asked to be waived, and had his wish granted today.

"This was the best decision for both parties," said Vikings coach Leslie Frazier."He was a great player and has been a great player for our league for a long, long time. Have a lot of affection and love for Donovan."
   Donovon McNabb was a Pro Bowl QB in Philadelphia since being drafted 2nd overall out of Syracuse in 1999. He led the Eagles to a Super Bowl in 2004, but lost to New England. After the Super Bowl year, injuries have derailed his career, and led him to where he is today.

McNabb while with the Eagles
    After 2009, the Eagles gave the reigns to Kevin Kolb (who lost them later that year to Michael Vick) and McNabb was traded to the Washington Redskins for a second round pick and a conditional 3rd or 4th round one as well. But it was one of the worst seasons in McNabb's career and he was demoted to third string which caused public criticism of coach Mike Shanahan.

    He was traded to Minnesota for a 6th round pick before this season, and once again it did not work out and he was benched. Then waived, and we are where we are today.

The Cowboys, Bears, and Texans are all said to be possible landing spots for McNabb.   

    This appears to be the end of McNabb's career. It will be best for him to retire at season end in my opinion, and make his case for a Hall Of Fame berth. His numbers and career record deserve an entry I think, but the case against him also has its points. But if my vote counted, I would vote McNabb in on his first ballet attempt.

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