March 13, 2012

Bucks Acquire Ellis for Bogut

    The first of the NBA trade deadline deals occurred Tuesday, as Golden State and Milwaukee struck a deal. The Warriors sent guard Monta Ellis, and forwards Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown, to Milwaukee for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson.

Monta Ellis
    Ellis is a seventh year player who was a second round pick by Golden State in 2005. Known as a scorer, Ellis has averaged 19.6 ppg in his career. But when the team drafted Stephen Curry, things went bad for Ellis. Curry is a better scorer and better player, and both would battle for shots. It was clear many times they were not a good pair. For the past year Ellis has been on the trading block and today was finally given up.

    Bogut was also taken in the same draft as Ellis, just as the first overall pick out of Utah. While Bogut has been a very good and a very underrated player in his NBA career, injuries have been a problem. But he will be shipped out of Milwaukee and head west.

    For Golden State, this move is great. The team has needed a center for along time, and has been trying to aquire one for along time. David Lee has been better as a forward, and the team has even been heard to be going after Dwight Howard. But now the Warriors have their center. The team did give up Udoh who has good potential, but they are trying to win now and Bogut helps much more then Ellis. Stephen Jackson also will make up for Ellis's absence. Jackson is a former Warrior who was a key player in the teams historic upset of the #1 seeded Mavericks in 2007. In the end, as long as Bogut stays healthy, the team should be more competitive now along with Jackson. (UPDATE: Jackson was traded to San Antonio for Richard Jefferson two days later).

Andrew Bogut
    For Milwaukee, the trade leaves a hole at center as Larry Sanders is only true center left. Udoh, will have a chance to start, and Kwame Brown will get some playing time. The Bucks will be able to fill his spot just not with a talent like Bogut. The biggest problem that will come up is how Ellis and point guard Brandon Jennings can blend and avoid clashing like Ellis did with Curry.

    The trade is the first of the deadline, and Golden State is the winner here. Milwaukee may have the same problems at the guard as Golden State did with shot selection.

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