March 16, 2012

NBA Trade Deadline Occurs; Players on Move

    On one of the busiest days in sports of all year, with March Madness, and NFL Free Agency, the NBA had it's share with the trade deadline. Every deadline, multiple trades go down and this year was no different. Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo were not moved though, but Monta Ellis was a couple of days ago. Still, players were moved all over the league, including some coaches being fired players being waived.

    A three team trade involving the Wizards, Nuggets, and Clippers happened on Thursday, with both players and picks involved.
Clippers Receive:
Nick Young - SG (WAS)

Wizards Receive:
Nene - C (DEN)
Brian Cook - PF (LAC)
2015 2nd Round Pick (LAC)

Nuggets Receive:
JaVale McGee - C (WAS)
Ronny Turiaf - PF (WAS)

    For Denver, this trade makes a lot of sense. The team has wanted to go younger, and recent play of rookie Kenneth Faried means Nene could be let go. Nene has been injured much of his career, and is also 29-years old. He signed a five-year extension with Denver last season, for $67 million. McGee is a headache for teams, but also is young and very talented. A winning environment in Denver can bring him back to Earth. He also is younger then Nene and can be worked in with Faried while demanding less minutes. Turiaf is expected to be cut within the next few days.

Nick Young
    For Los Angeles, the deal adds an offensive player in Nick Young. Loosing Cook, who never plays, for Young along with a round two pick is a steal for the Clippers. Young is an LA native before playing at USC. A five year pro, Young is averaging 16.6 ppg this season. 

    For Washington, they add a mature player in Nene to help John Wall and this team rebuild. McGee and Young were very immature and would bring the team down it seemed sometimes. Loosing them can help Wall focus and with a veteran like Nene it only helps. The team also picked up a future 2nd round pick. Brian Cook is also expected to be cut.

    The next trade we saw was between the Lakers and Rockets. A deal that was only made for as a result of a bigger trade which we will talk about next.

Lakers Receive:
Jordan Hill - PF (HOU)

Rockets Receive:
Derek Fisher - PG (LAL)
2012 First round pick (LAL)

   The Lakers had to give up one of their three PG's, and decided to go with youth and kept Steve Blake and Darius Morris. That ment that 37-year old Fisher was the one to be traded. In return the team got Jordan Hill, a former lottery pick by the Knicks. Hill is a solid backup who is averaging  5.0 ppg, and 4.8 rpg this season. The acquisition ruled out any chance that LA would get Michael Beasley from Minnesota. Beasley was not moved during the deadline. Overall, a good pickup for the Lakers, but this was not their biggest trade.

    For Houston, the trade brings in a veteran who can give support at PG. They also pick up a first round pick, which was the main reason they gave up Hill.

    The Lakers best trade on Thursday though, was the one with Cleveland to land Ramon Sessions and fill the hole at PG. 

Lakers Receive:
Ramon Sessions - PG (CLE)
Christian Eyenga - SF (CLE)

Cavilers Receive:
Luke Walton - SF (LAL)
Jason Kapono - SF (LAL)
2012 1st round pick (LAL)

   Los Angeles added a young and talented PG in Sessions who can fill the need of a true PG and help the Lakers get back in the title discussion. Sessions has shown he is a solid player in his career with Milwaukee and Cleveland. Though questions do remain. Does he truly make the Lakers a title contender now? While Sessions was able to average 10.5 ppg backing up Kyrie Irving in Cleveland so far this season, he has not proven he is more then an average starter in this league. 

Ramon Sessions

The move certainly helps LA, but does it really help as much as people say? Eyenga is expected to be assigned to LA's D-League affiliate, the Los Angeles D-Fenders.

    Cleveland adds some depth to the back end of their rotation with Walton and Kapono. They also pick up a first round pick which never can hurt. While Cleveland has along way to go, they still made a good trade.

Nate McMillan
    Along with the Lakers and Rockets, Portland was one of the most active teams at the deadline, if not the most. The team made two big trades, overhauling the starting rotation. On top of that, the team fired its coach Nate McMillan after going 20-23 so far this year. 
    McMillan was brought in to Portland in 2005 to rebuild the team. While he as done that, the team has failed to make it past the first round of the playoffs every year. Blame though should go to injuries, as no team in recent memory has ever been hit harder by the bug then Portland. The team's two building blocks in Brandon Roy and Greg Oden both have had their careers cut short by injuries. 
    Still, though the injuries have hurt Portland, the team decided to go in a new direction and fired it's coach. Caleb Kanales will be the intern head coach.
    2007 first overall pick Oden was also cut, as the team needed room for it's new players acquired in trades. Some team will most likely take a risk on him and bring him in on a one year deal, but it still is unknown for sure. Oden still needs to recover from his third knee surgery.

    Portland also made two big trades, the first involving center Marcus Camby.

Portland Receives:
Hasheem Thabeet - C (HOU)
Jonny Flynn - PG (HOU)
Future 2nd round pick (HOU)

Houston Receives:
Marcus Camby - C (POR)

Hasheem Thabeet
    In this trade for Portland, they unload the aging Camby for two former top 6  picks who both have ended up complete busts, and will make the Blazers their 3rd home in their 3-year NBA careers. Thabeet (selected in 2009, 2nd overall by Memphis) became the highest drafted player to be sent to the D-League as a rookie, and ever since has only been able to average 2.2 ppg and 2.7 rps on his career.
    Flynn (2009, 6th overall by Minnesota) has also been awful and played worse then almost every first round pick in 2009 aside from Thabeet. Hopefully, both can tap into their potential in Portland and find some success.

    Houston adds Camby a veteran center who can still put up some decent numbers for them, but better numbers then Thabeet.

    Portland's next trade was with New Jersey. The Nets failed to get Dwight Howard and this trade was a last resort effort to get anyone to come play with Deron Williams.

Nets Receive:
Gerald Wallace - SF (POR)

Trail Blazers Receive:
Mehmet Okur - C (NJ)
Shawne Williams - SF (NJ)
Future 1st round pick (NJ)

    Portland unloads another star for a decent scoring center in Okur, and a solid bench player in Williams who can contribute a couple points each night, along with a first round pick.

    The Nets were apparently close to a deal to get Dwight Howard, forming a Big Two with star PG Deron Williams. But the deal feel through, and Howard announced he will stay with Orlando though next season. The Nets took the best player they could and in return picked up Wallace, a superb defender who can score points too. Solid pick up, but not exactly what Williams had in mind...

Gerald Wallace

    San Antonio also got in on the action, and made a deal with Golden State, who earlier made the biggest trade of the deadline by sending Monta Ellis to Milwaukee for Andrew Bougt.
    In that deal, the Warriors also received Stephen Jackson from the Bucks. But before Jackson could play a game for Golden State, he was sent packing again this time to the state of Texas.

Spurs Receive:
Stephen Jackson - SF (GS)

Warriors Receive:
Richard Jefferson - SF (SA)
2012 1st round pick (SA)
Rights to T.J Ford (SA)

Richard Jefferson
    The Warriors made this deal for the first round pick, and swapped two similar players in age and talent in Jefferson and Jackson. The biggest news in Oakland is still Bogut, but Jefferson, pending a physical, could be ready for Friday's game against Milwaukee, where Bogut will make his Warriors debut  vs. his former team of just three days ago, as will Ellis. 
    T.J. Ford announced his retirement on Monday after another spine injury. If he does make a comeback in the NBA, he will be under contract with Golden State unless cut or traded prior.
     Overall, good trade for Golden State.

   San Antonio gets Stephen Jackson which only can help this team who already seems poised for another deep run into the post season. Jefferson did not really work out as planned, so hopefully Jackson can play in the role Jefferson could not. Keeping the first round pick would have been nice though, as youth is becoming a need as the Spurs age.

    In a small trade today too, Atlanta sent a 2012 2nd round pick to Golden State for cash.

    Some other trades that happened on Thursday:

Raptors Receive:
2012 2nd round pick (IND)

Pacers Receive:
Leandro Barbosa - SG (TOR)

    Raptors also receive cash from Indiana, and waive guard Anthony Carter.

76ers Receive:
Sam Young - SF (MEM)

Grizzlies Receive:
Ricky Sanchez - SF (PHI)

    Ricky Sanchez is currently playing in Argentina. He was originally selected by the Trail Blazers in the 2nd round of the 2005 draft. He has spent time in the D-League with the Idaho Stampede, and in the countries of Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, and Argentina. If he ever comes and plays in America, Philadelphia will have the rights to him. 

Sam Young

    An eventful trade deadline, even though none of the biggest stars were traded aside from Ellis and Bogut. We will see how the season unfolds as we hit the home stretch before the NBA Playoffs.

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